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to meet the challenges of our times

to meet the challenges of our times
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Monday, February 29, 2016



Why is the cost of a Service Dog so expensive, whether you are purchasing through a nonprofit agency or not? Those of us that are professional trainers in the Service Dog industry get this question a lot. The answer is complicated and there are several factors that influence the cost of a Service Dog. At Veterans Project, LLC, we can explain where your money is going.

Upon submitting your application we learn what type of Service Dog you or your family member may need and what specific tasks the dog will be trained to suit your unique circumstance. The amount of tasks and the type of tasks greatly affect how long the dog is in training for. For example, a Service Dog for an individual with Autism doesn’t usually take quite as long to train as those Service Dogs whose purpose is to assist persons in wheel chairs. The training for a Mobility Assistance Dog can take up to two years depending on the age and maturity of the dog as these dogs must fetch, open doors, cabinets, flip on lights, and much more. We often add in specific tasks for families to address certain needs and customize the training for that person.

Argus Service Dog 


To begin the process we have to find and purchase the right dog for your needs. The average cost of one of our service dogs as a puppy or young adult is typically around $1800 depending on how specific our families are with breed, color, gender, etc. This does not include the gas money and travel expenses to go out to breeders and dog owners to test the dog’s temperament. We often need to travel anywhere between 1 hour to 6 hours away to test dogs. Often times when we go out to test and select dogs, we return with nothing because the dogs did not pass our tests, meaning they don’t have what it takes to perform the duties we need from them.
Next, we cover the upkeep of the dog: dog food, treats, toys, vaccines, spay/neuter, microchip, heartworm check, monthly heartworm preventative, flea/tick medication, dewormer, grooming etc. Since vaccinations and routine upkeep vary depending on the age of the dog when we purchase them, the cost of this easily reaches $2000 per dog.


We pay several trainers to keep the service dogs in their homes for potty training, crate training, socialization, and manners. These dogs often switch between the trainers’ homes so the dogs learn to acclimate to new environments. Our trainers often take the dogs with them to family events, personal outings, errands, and new places while off the regular 9 to 5 clock. The average expense for our company to compensate for gas, time, and cost to enter events ( concerts, movies, ball games, train tickets etc.) range between $3,000.00 and $6000.00 depending again on the dog and how long they are in training.

Our company also takes into consideration that the dog may “wash out” of the service dog program. Puppies and young dogs are a big risk for not having what it takes to make the cut in our program. They may be too nervous in public, develop a health problem or injury, or simply change in temperament altogether. We try to catch this early in training before we officially place the dog with a family so as not to cause our families and clients more stress and heartbreak. However, we would rather pull the dog from the program than deliver a Service Dog  Service Dog that is not able to perform its duties correctly due to shyness or hesitancy found in the dog.


At Veterans Project, LLC, our trainers pride themselves in the hundreds of hours they spend training obedience, tasks and socialization out in public. We also provide a 1 year health guarantee for our dogs as well as including a monogrammed book bag containing all the equipment they will need to begin handling their Service Dog immediately. This includes leather leashes, collars, training collars, tethers, vests, a first aid kit, Service Dog ID, and specialized vests for Stability/Mobility Dogs. This equipment is valued between $200.00 – $700.00 depending on the needs of the individual client.

Well trained Service Dogs are a tremendous help and benefit to those in need. They are enjoyed by those who train them and those who receive them. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Service Dogs or our program please contact us at : email :

Argus Service Dog 

The Family Assistants Campaign.

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The Family Assistants Campaign.

The Family Assistants Campaign is nonprofit organization, public partnership dedicated to enhancing services for economically disadvantaged individuals and families , including the homeless, veterans, and at risk youth. In 2013  veterans project was founded and has taken the leadership role to provide services to help families move from poverty to economic mobility. Our hope is that through our program and services those who are impoverished will find sufficient resources for education, health and wellness, spiritual direction, and ultimately economic mobility and self-sufficiency.Knowledge, Education for Your Success

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