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to meet the challenges of our times

to meet the challenges of our times
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Extreme Solutions to The Housing Nightmare

Extreme Solutions to The Housing Nightmare ======================================================================================= Join the Facebook Channel!/pages/The-Family-Assistants-Campaign/545945622091823 Extreme Frugal Housing - Low or No Cost Living. Housing can be the biggest cost in our society and reducing it, is one way to fast track your life to a "survive and thrive" stance immiedietly. There are thousands of options in reducing your monthly housing costs, I will be reviewing some extreme examples of frugality I have seen and experienced. Lets start with addressing the topic of low income governement housing. Relying upon government is the last option I would reccomend in any case, section 8 reduced rent has an extremely long waiting list, often 2 years or more. Being on a government housing program will often trap you in a dangerous community. It can also be a disencentive to earning more income, because you are penalized for penalized for making additional income.
If you choose this route, an unorthasox and very difficult way to circumvent the wait time is to enter an emergency homeless or domestic abuse shelter with your family and survive for 30 days. Usually you are fast tracked ahead of the masses and gifted all sorts of government hand outs like free vip (no copay) medical care, free public transportaion, free day care, free food stamps and job assistance. Now for the legitimate extreme ways to opt out of the mortgage rent based housing economy. 1. Stop Paying the Mortgage
Many Americans are participating in this program naturally. Depending upon the bank forclosing and your attorney, you may have 1 to 3 years of living free, if you can handle the mental stress of fighting the bank. 2. Rent Part or your whole house
Many people are renting a potion of there home and using the income to subsidise their mortgage payment or renting the entire house and moving to a cheaper location. 3. Extreme downsizing to a trailer.
This can be a temporay situation but long term huge savings generator. Inexpensive trailers tend to be in rural areas and may be a huge culture shock to your family. Many americans with low incomes are taking this route. 4. Moving in with Friends or Relatives
This should be one of your last options because the strain that it can put on family relationships. A recent census worker in Southern California told me that 90% of the families she spoke to were living in a shared housing situations. One of the ways you can reduce tension between family members is to add an extention to the house or build temporary structures in the back of the property, if you have enough land. Often times, home owners have exess property that isn't being used. Having a separate entrance can do wonders for a community living situation. 5. Living in your car
This is a last resort emergency option, usually reserved for one individual. This is not a good option. Parking spots should be surveyed and rotated. Pick places inbetween commertial and apartments properties and do everything you can to hide your situation. Work hard to step up you living situation immieditly because if you lose the car the street is your only next option. 6. Living on the Street - Homeless in it's pure form
The most extreme example of zero cost housing is being on the street. Usually if you are in this situation, there is something else going on besides trying to save money. Drugs, alcholol, gambling addictions, emotional & mental issues may be in play. I can not talk from personal experience but I've read that car living is light years ahead of street living. You may want to look into a local "tent city" development. Official and unofficial tent communities are common in southern California. In my area the unofficial ones are mostly in dry river bottoms. Following are not so common low or no cost housing options 7. Buying an RV or Van Conversion
This option is becoming a real option for the recently homeless in california. They are parked at camp grounds, rv parks, on the street and in Wal mart parking lots. Retired Americans have been living in RV's forever. Comfort is an issue, but is made up for with low costs and mobility. There are many low cost options for RV parking including BLM and parking on private land. This is a huge lifestyle descision and there are many resources on the web to get you started. 8. Building Shelter
Many Americans are learning aboriginal survival techniches and permaculture. Once again, this is a huge lifestyle change and requires a lot of knowlege investment but everything is readily available online. 9. Living in a Boat
This is a often not disscused but a hidden secret, especially for individuals or couples. In my area, slip fees run around $500 per month and a nice boat can be had for $5000 to $20000 dollars. Millionare living on a beer budget, not to mention free fish and crab meat You can help a Family with a gift paypal

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